Canberra Burlesque Workshops

The Sass and Tease Collective hosts regular workshops in and around the Canberra Region.


The Collective also offer a variety of burlesque courses for the curious dilettante to the serious aspiring performer; we have something to suit everyone.  For more information visit our classes page here.

Hooping with Harlet!

The humble hula hoop has been spreading joy since the fifties…so come join the fun in this 90 minute workshop. 

The Hooping Harlet has a very unique style of hooping and has been entertaining the masses since 2006. With 10 years of hooping goodness she is ready to share the drills, tricks and tips that keep her spinning.

For those who haven't picked up a hula hoop since primary school, this workshop will cover the basics of hooping on your body with some fancy, jaw dropping tricks that you can bust out to show your friends and family! For those with a bit of hooping experience variations, multihoops and extended fundamentals will be covered.

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Past Workshops
Characterisation with Charlie D. Barkle.

Burlesque is an art form steeped in a theatrical tradition, from the early days of cabaret, music hall and vaudeville through to the neo-burlesque art forms of the 21st century. 
Characterisation with Charlie is a 90 minute workshop in characterisation and narrative development techniques for burlesque. Charlie will discuss what it is to develop a narrative and different techniques to develop your character within a routine. 

As a group you will participate in a variety of exercises in theatrical character and narrative development providing you with the skills to reapply to your burlesque performance. 


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Beat Your Face: Taking your stage make up to the next level with Ruby Slippers

Sparkle Lover and Facemaker Ruby Slippers loves her some winged liner and red lips. But what about really making your face POP on stage? This course is ideal for performance enthusiasts and burlesquers who want to take their pinup makeup to the next level and make it truly stage worthy. The people in the back row paid for their ticket too, they deserve to see your beautiful face!

What to bring: All of the makeup! BYO foundation, concealer, powders, blush, contour, eyeshadow, FALSE LASHES SO MANY FALSE LASHES, liquid eyeliner, brow products, things you want to try out, brushes, beauty blenders… and a glue stick.


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Boop Your Doops: Charleston Workshop with Clara Cupcakes

Charleston was THE dance craze back in the 1920s. Fun, quirky and energetic. it's not hard to see why it caused such a stir. Learn how to fling your feet to the charleston rhythm like a fancy flapper in with resident vaudevillian vagabond Clara Cupcakes as well as other moves from popular dances at the time such as black bottom, the cat's meow and snake hips. You'll be suzi-qing in no time!

Previous dance experience is not required to do this workshop. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a pair of slippery soled shoes and/or a pair of socks.

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Strip Tease in Slow Motion with Jacqueline Furey

Jacqueline is widely known for her delicate, fluid and entrancing dance style. In this 1.5 hour workshop, Jacqueline will teach her unique style from poise to stage presence. With focus on self awareness, facial expression and musicality as well as creating suspense through minimal movement, Jacqueline will remind you exactly why it's called stripTEASE. Command a room with a wink and a smile, or bring them to their knees with a bite of your lip and a bump of your hip.

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Neo Chairdance with Lila Luxx

Everyone loves a chair dance routine – it’s a solid staple of burlesque and a favourite in cabaret – and now Lila Luxx presents her own unique take on an old standard! By fusing contemporary dance with burlesque, Lila has developed a polished chair style that emphasises body lines and precision with great effect.

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Bringing Sexy Back with Bella de Jac

Want to stop your audience in their tracks with a single look? Turn that shrinking violet into a venus flytrap with Bella de Jac as she shows you how to bring sexy back!

Influenced by modern music video dance, modern striptease, and classic dirty bump & grind, students will learn a fun and uber-sexy dance routine and the moves to match.

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Act Development 101

Lila Luxx presents a crash course in getting your act together! Drawing on 15 years of teaching and a lifetime of performance, Lila will guide you through the key moments in creating your act, from concept to choreography to securing bookings! You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss and workshop your own act ideas.


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Classic Burlesque Workshop - Bateman's Bay


Have you ever wondered about the world of burlesque, but never had a way to find out some of its secrets? If so, this workshop is for you.


Featuring an exploration of its traditions and an examination of the arts of tease and seduction, this mix of classic sexy and silly will leave you with better bumps, super struts and greater grinds as you laugh and sashay your way to becoming a better educated and more enthusiastic ecdysiast (that’s a fancy name for a burly gal!).


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Canberra burlesque performer Abel Fox
Burlesque perfomer and producer
Vintage Glamour, Classic Tease and Bump n Grind Workshop


Ever wanted to find your inner goddess through glamorous burlesque?


Well this is the class for you. Designed for novices or established performers who want to get some tips on how to perform traditional or classic burlesque. Or for anyone who wants to just have a bit of fun with flirty burlesque, all in a safe environment. For more information click here.

Fan Dance Workshop with Sheena Misdemeanour


The Collective are thrilled to announce that the amazing burlesque fan dancing extraordinaire, Sheena Miss Demeanour, will be flying her feathery wings from Sydney to Canberra to run a fan dance workshop at Belconnen Arts Centre.

During this 2 hour workshop Sheena will not only teach you conceal and reveal techniques but will share moves to give that special "wow" factor to your fan dance routine and will also give you tips on how to improve your own style and moves.  For more information click here.

Burlesque perfomer and producer