Canberra burlesque teacher and performer Tiffany Blue

Classic Burlesque Workshop - Bateman's Bay

Have you ever wondered about the world of burlesque, but never had a way to find out some of its secrets? If so, this workshop is for you.


Featuring an exploration of its traditions and an examination of the arts of tease and seduction, this mix of classic sexy and silly will leave you with better bumps, super struts and greater grinds as you laugh and sashay your way to becoming a better educated and more enthusiastic ecdysiast (that’s a fancy name for a burly gal!).


So wear something that makes you feel good that you can move in and some fancy shoes, as high or low as you like, and come and get comfortable with us as we take you through the creation of something that you can share with that someone special later on!


Tutors: Tiffany Blue, Abel Fox and Ivy Ambrosia