Special Edition Workshop
Striptease in Slow Motion with Jacqueline Furey

A headliner for the 2016 Australian Burlesque Festival and voted “Most Graceful” 2014 the last Australian Burlesque Community Awards, Jacqueline is widely known for her delicate, fluid and entrancing dance style. 


In this 1.5 hour workshop, Jacqueline will teach her unique style from poise to stage presence.


With focus on self awareness, facial expression and musicality as well as creating suspense through minimal movement, Jacqueline will remind you exactly why it's called stripTEASE.

Command a room with a wink and a smile, or bring them to their knees with a bite of your lip and a bump of your hip. This workshop is suitable for the novice and seasoned showgirl alike and will give students and arsenal of sensual steps, a mini group routine and proper warm up/down techniques. It is recommended students wear heels to dance in, clothing suitable for exercise and lipstick. 


COST: $50 for 1.5 hour workshop (discounts available for students also enrolled in Jacqueline's ABF Fan Dance workshop) 

DATE: Sunday 17th July

TIME: 12-1.30PM 

LOCATION: O'Donnell Youth Centre, Braddon (Near Merici College)

TO ENROL: Please email jacqueline.furey@live.com.au


Private Lessons
Act and skill development with Jacqueline Furey




A seasoned showgirl with a reputation for breath-taking acts, Jacqueline has 3 years experience teaching students at The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, and many more as a classical dance teacher. Private lessons can focus on narrative, choreography development, presentation & performance skills, polishing and refining an existing act, creating a new routine or competition prep. Whether you are working on an existing act, creating something new, developing your persona or preparing for competition season, Jacqueline is ready to help!


COST: $100 for 1 hour

DATE: Sunday 17th July

LOCATION: O'Donnell Youth Centre, Braddon (Near Merici College)

TO ENROL: Please email jacqueline.furey@live.com.au