Special Guest - Elizabeth Burton

Elizabeth Burton appear in a publicity still.

We are beyond excited to announce that our first special guest for Body POLITIC on April 27 is Australia's living legend of burlesque. The immodest Miss Modesty herself, Elizabeth Burton!

Elizabeth Burton left our shores a catholic hairdresser to become a go-go dancer in Vietnam. She returned many years later as a buddhist stripper (in her own words). Elizabeth travelled the world working as far afield as New York's famous Psychedelic Funhouse and gogo dancing on the back of supply trucks during the Vietnam war; from the Horden parties high up on scaffolding stages, exposing her shapely frame to the latest pumping house music to a seemingly endless array of charity functions, Miss Modesty has performed for somewhere near 5 decades!

Elizabeth's not always taking her clothes of, she has many other talents as well. From model coaching and styling shoots, to providing professional hair and make-up services, to teaching choreography, dance and deportment. She's also an actor and her filmography includes Australian classics like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Bangkok Hilton.

Elizabeth Burton

Having recently returned to the stage she was described by local reviewers as a 'class act' and praised for her 'finely honed performance skills' (Len Power, Canberra Critics Circle) as well as being described as 'the trailblazing burlesque dancer Elizabeth Burton, who, in her 70s, still put on a precise, fun routine, retaining the qualities of flirtation, poise and faux demureness she surely possessed many years ago' (Samara Purnell, Canberra Critics Circle).

So come along to Body POLITIC on April 27th at the Belconnen Community Theatre to catch this legend of burlesque in action! Also keep an eye on our facebook page as Elizabeth will be teaching her 'Love Your Body' Sunday on April 28th; details to be confirmed.

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