Graduation Showcase back at Belconnen Theatre!

Sass and Tease Burlesque beginners perform in the 'Slow Hands' routine.

Join us at the Belconnen Community Theatre and support the Sass & Tease Collective's graduating class! With group routines, solo acts and appearances from Collective members throughout the night this will be a graduation like no other. Forget the caps, forget the robes and deathly boring speeches; instead expect sparkle, sass and showmanship!

Get ready to see the weird and wonderful creations of the most recent act development class graduates and the baby burlesquers taking the stage for the very first time from term three's beginners class. They will be joined by Sass and Tease members Ursula Wolfe, Sparkles and Ivy Ambrosia, returning alum Aphrodykie and Valerie D'Ville, and fast and furious footwork from Fandang-Gogo!

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