Now you're on the trolley!

Get ready to hot-step your way back to the 1920s with the Sass and Tease collective!

"Jay Gatsby Requests..." was the first show produced wholly and solely by The Sass and Tease Collective. It's a rollicking indulgence in the Jazz Age and the lawlessness of Prohibition, and we are bringing it back to celebrate six years of Sass and Tease!

Featuring live music from Zackerbilks; dressed to impress, this dapper eight-piece group will have your toes tapping.

So shine your shoes, don your dapperest duds on and get ready to quickstep back in time as Zackerbilks join the Collective for a hotsy totsy turn about the stage.

Be swept back to another era, where the giggle-water flows as easily as the money. Where writers like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were there to record every depravity, every vice and every scandal that made the Roaring Twenties the wildest decade of them all.

So don't be a rueben, ankle your way the The Abbey with your best bearcat on your arm, knock back a jorum of skee and get ready to blow the blues!

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