Finding the eighth deadly sin...

My name is Rita Rae Sin and I am the Eighth deadly sin but I wasn’t always.

Rita Rae Sin performing the kinky housewife at her debut in 2016

After following the Burlesque scene for a number of years as a local small business, sponsoring events, watching in awe and wishing I could do what they do and that I could be one of “them”, I took the plunge. First lot of classes... "that was bad, I suck". Second lot of classes "ummm, I still don't get it... I'm not doing this". My lack of any dance experience, lack of coordination and MS left me with very little hope that I would ever be “one of them". I just don’t get how they do it.

Then I saw Sass and Tease advertising. My husband pushed me to give it just one more go.

So I did.

Standing there; terrified, anxious and more self-conscious than ever. We went over the basics, things I could never get: A bump: “throw your vagina at the audience!” they said, I did it, it made sense!!! A grind “imagine you're holding a really long pencil in your vagina and draw a circle” OMG I can do this! “Now walk". I still can’t do that but you can’t win ‘em all.

So I completed beginners and felt GREAT! I was learning and I didn’t care what people thought about my weight or body shape, or if I didn’t get it all right. My next step was the Act Development class.

From there Rita was born; I choreographed something for the first time, I learnt how to make a costume, do stage makeup and most importantly find my inner Rita all with thanks to the AMAZING team at Sass and Tease. It's not all about dancing.

Rita Rae Sin in her most recent solo act "Dear Future Husband"

I am one of “them” now when I hit that stage. My dream came true and I found something in me that I never knew was there. I am now being told by my local idols that they love my acts and that I am a great performer; that’s a feeling that can’t be put into words. Now there is no stopping me!

I have just enrolled in my third act development class. I love it. Each time I take little more grow a lot more and challenge myself in ways I never felt possible.

If you're trying to find that thing or be one of "them" sign up to Sass and Tease they can truly help you.

Photographs by Nathan J Lester - Visual Artist

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