Finding the eighth deadly sin...

My name is Rita Rae Sin and I am the Eighth deadly sin but I wasn’t always.

After following the Burlesque scene for a number of years as a local small business, sponsoring events, watching in awe and wishing I could do what they do and that I could be one of “them”, I took the plunge. First lot of classes... "that was bad, I suck". Second lot of classes "ummm, I still don't get it... I'm not doing this". My lack of any dance experience, lack of coordination and MS left me with very little hope that I would ever be “one of them". I just don’t get how they do it.

Then I saw Sass and Tease advertising. My husband pushed me to give it just one more go.

So I did.

Standing there; terrified, anxious and more self-conscious than ever. We went over the basics, things I could never get: A bump: “throw your vagina at the audience!” they said, I did it, it made sense!!! A grind “imagine you're holding a really long pencil in your vagina and draw a circle” OMG I can do this! “Now walk". I still can’t do that but you can’t win ‘em all.

So I completed beginners and felt GREAT! I was learning and I didn’t care what people thought about my weight or body shape, or if I didn’t get it all right. My next step was the Act Development class.

From there Rita was born; I choreographed something for the first time, I learnt how to make a costume, do stage makeup and most importantly find my inner Rita all with thanks to the AMAZING team at Sass and Tease. It's not all about dancing.

I am one of “them” now when I hit that stage. My dream came true and I found something in me that I never knew was there. I am now being told by my local idols that they love my acts and that I am a great performer; that’s a feeling that can’t be put into words. Now there is no stopping me!

I have just enrolled in my third act development class. I love it. Each time I take little more grow a lot more and challenge myself in ways I never felt possible.

If you're trying to find that thing or be one of "them" sign up to Sass and Tease they can truly help you.

Photographs by Nathan J Lester - Visual Artist

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