Special Guest - Bella de Jac

Joining the Sass & Tease Collective for Mab's Midwinter Masquerade, the reigning Miss Burlesque Australia, BELLA DE JAC! Australia's Mistress of Tease, Bella de Jac is a darkly elegant whisper from the nihilistic 1930s, insidious, and sensual. Dancing with grace, elegance and reckless abandon. Soaring, surging, daring you to abandon your senses and give in to lust, to love...and to life.

Bella was recently voted in at number 31 in the 2015 21st Century Burlesque Top 50 & also voted Most Glamorous & People's Choice Victoria 2014 by her peers at the annual Australian Burlesque Industry Awards. Along with an impressive list of titles and performance credits, she also has a bachelor degree in Performance Studies and recent high profile shows include headlining tours with the Australian Burlesque Festival, New Zealand Burlesque Festival and the Perth International Burlesque Festival. Bella was also invited to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, and has taken her smoldering brand of tease to the stages of Las Vegas, New York & San Francisco. She is also the Managing Director of the Australian Burlesque Museum, dedicated to researching, preserving and honouring Australia's Burlesque history. Alongside Elena Gabrielle & Strawberry Siren she opened their premiere exhibition ICONS in 2015.

Described as both an exquisite creature and a powerful and captivating performer, Bella's penchant for pushing acceptable social boundaries is cleverly disguised by the grace and glamour of her shows.

Bella de Jac is one mistress you won't want to keep a secret... And don't miss out on your chance to learn from Bella in her workshop.

Bringing Sexy Back

Want to stop your audience in their tracks with a single look? Turn that shrinking violet into a Venus flytrap with Bella de Jac as she shows you how to bring sexy back! Influenced by modern music video dance, modern striptease, and classic dirty bump & grind, students will learn a fun and uber-sexy dance routine and the moves to match.

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