A Sassy, Moochy Holiday Special!

The Sass & Tease Collective love the holiday season! It's filled with fun, laughter, friends, surprises, alcohol and sparkly decorations and things! But you can't have quite as much fun by yourself so we have invited along some friends to share it with us and with you! Joining us in this holiday special (and the hint is in the name!) is the band that were with us for our very first ever show as a Collective... They're delightful, they're dixie, they're drunken but mostly they're dang talented... MOOCHERS INC. Playing a selection of mooched up holiday tunes interspersed with their own awesome music, there will be singing, there will be dancing and some of it will be by the ...audience! Coming down from Sydney town... they were wildly popular last time they graced our stage and for very good reason... The unholy union of Holly Bennett and Simone Craswell, the queer performance duo with a reputation drenched in blood and glitter... FANCY PIECE! They love the holidays and you know that can only mean wild adventures for us all! Joining this already amazing lineup on the stage will be Canberra's own Burlesque Idol and she's definitely a dancing queen... JAZIDA! Also sassing up the stage with all the holiday cheer at their disposal (and that is quite a phenomenal amount!!) are some of your favourite members of the Sass & Tease Collective! BELLE BLEU TIFFANY BLUE VIRGINIA FIZZ URSULA WOLFE and joining us again having been in Sydney and everywhere else our favourite cutie... PEPPER GRINDE MCing all this crazy holiday madness is the indomitable JACOB HARLEM And all of this in a brand new venue, the White Eagle Polish Club (opposite O'Connor Shops), where the food is excellent, the alcohol is amazing (and we do mean that... Polish beer, Polish vodka... trust us... amazing!), there's space for lots of people, everyone will get a good view and there'll even be room for a little dance floor! The decorations will be hung, the alcohol imbibed, the clothing will be shed (onstage!) and there will be presents! BEST DRESSED COMPETITION AS ALWAYS SO DRESS IN YOUR HOLIDAY BEST! You know our prizes are worth winning!

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