Belle Bleu joins The Collective!

belle.jpg 2014-11-28-15:53:13
The Collective are very pleased to announce a new member is joining our sparkly

family. The cerulean chanteuse; Belle Bleu!

Discovering herself in the smoke hazed, absinthe drenched clubs of Montmartre, Paris; Belle lived la vie bohème and learnt many lessons about life, love, art and the beauty of expressing herself through song. This Amazonian chanteuse lives life according to a very simple creed; life is too short not to have champagne in one hand and the love of a couple of men in the other. Do not let her innocent looks deceive you, her sultry voice will capture your heart and leave you begging for more.

Seducing and serenading Canberra audiences for over five years. Belle is a skilled MC and cabaret artist; the original hostess for Canberra’s very first burlesque club night Le Chat Noir. A versatile and vivacious performer she will charm you with a wink, a smile, and a song for every occasion.

Belle will be hosting her first evening for The Collective at our first anniversary special edition of Shaken & Stirred at Polit Bar on the 28th of November. Come along and welcome her in style!

Photograph by Nathan J Lester.

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