Bringing Gatsby Back

The Sass & Tease Collective are dusting off their 20's gladrags and brushing up their charleston!

That's right we're bringing back our first full-length production the 20's inspired 'Jay Gatsby Requests...' this time at the beautiful Goulburn Club.

At the request of Jay Gatsby, you are invited to party which will be the talk of the town. Rollicking in the indulgences of the Jazz Age and the lawlessness of Prohibition, this 1920s knees up will get your moxy flowin’.

If you thought that the twenties were just about fringed dresses and speakeasy gin, then come and join us as we unveil some of its steamier layers, whilst still celebrating the style and sophistication that you would expect of those living in the Jazz Age. Featuring a variety of performances that will tease and seduce you, this is a show with everything that you could hope for, but not necessarily what you would expect.

So come along, ready to be taken back to another era, where cocktails flowed as easily as the money, where the Charleston was king and where writers like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were there to record every depravity, every vice and every scandal that made the Roaring Twenties the wildest decade of them all.

Tickets available from the Goulburn Club on (02) 4821 2043

Members $25

Non-members $30

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