Sass & Tease Class Graduations


Come along and support the Sass & Tease Collective's graduating classes! With group routines, solo acts and appearances from Collective members throughout the night this will be a graduation like no other. Forget the caps, forget the robes and deathly boring speeches; instead expect sparkle, sass and showmanship! 


Sass and Tease graduations are open to the public.  Buy your tickets early because every graduation sells out!



The Sass and Tease Collective has produced several full scale productions including;  'Jay Gatsby Requests...', 'SMASH HITS 80's Burlesque Vol 1', 'The Art of Burlesque' and 'Mab's Midwinter Masquerade' and 'One Night at the Copacabana'.  All productions are available for booking.

For more information on Sass and Tease productions click here.


We Want You!

Would you like to perform with the Sass & Tease Collective at one of our regular nights?  We'd love to hear from you!

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