Come learn a little more about the performers who make up the Sass and Tease Collective.

Meet The Collective

Canberra burlesque and performance artist Virginia Fizz poses for GraphicaOne


With a sway in her hip and a shimmer in her eye, Virginia Fizz is more sultry than a New Orleans summer, more seductive than a siren's song and more sinful than a speakeasy on Sunday. This sassy lush will leave you feeling like whiskey and diamonds.


Photograph courtesy of Graphicaone

Canberra burlesque and performance artist Sparkles makes a hamburger at DIE FRINGE BURLESK


Prowling the stage since 2014, and with the kind of curves found in the sauciest Renaissance paintings, this Venus in furs is ready to sink her teeth into something juicy. Ursula is a Wolfe in women's clothing.

Having scurried about on stages across Canberra collecting sparkly costumes she officially joined the Collective in July 2014.


Photograph courtesy of Blk Light Photography



Since 2017, Valerie has graced stages across Australia.  She commands the stage - her sweet and sensual nature will draw you in and hold you captive. She goes down real smooth, but beware the after burn.


Inexorably drawn to the glitz, the glamour and the grind, this strawberry blonde bombshell will suck you in and spit you out - but only if you ask nicely. She officially joined the collective in 2019. 

Photograph by Catch Fox Photography

Canberra strondwoman Penelope Asterisk shrugs off an uplifting performance. Image by Captain Spitfire
Penelope Asterisk

The antipodean Atlas. This amazon will lift you up by your loins, and clean and jerk your heart strings until they are singing her song.


An asterisk denotes that there is more to know and that is certainly the case with this sequinned strong woman.  Here to challenge your expectations and quite possibly get you bent into shape.


Photograph by Captain Spitfire

Canberra burlesque performer Tiffany Blue smiles for the camera

Decadent and elegant with a classic charm and a kooky kick, equal parts sass and silly, Tiffany Blue puts the sparkle in seduction. Vivaciously versatile she loves the old school, the new school and everything in between.  This former Canberran turned travelling showgirl has been gracing Burlesque stages since 2010 performing all over Australia and the world.


Technically excellent and using character to great effect, she has shared her particular brand of audience pleasing Burlesque at the Australian Burlesque Festival five years running, performed and hosted shows interstate and internationally from Los Angeles to London even hosting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.


Founder of the Sass and Tease Collective in Canberra where she produced regular sell out shows and taught future Burlesque stars as well as performing and hosting, now she travels Australia and the world surprising and seducing her audiences wherever she finds herself! No matter whether she is performing or hosting, Tiffany Blue is never quite what you expect but she gives you everything you could possibly want.


Peoples Choice ACT: The Australian Burlesque Community Awards (The Busties) 2012

Peoples Choice ACT: The Australian Burlesque Community Awards (The Busties) 2013

Peoples Choice ACT: The Australian Burlesque Community Awards (The Busties) 2014


Photography by Joel Devereux, 
MUAH & Styling by Bombshell Burlesque


Canberra burlesque performer Ivy Ambrosia is captured live by Captain Spitfire


Glitter gal, madwoman, and feminist fashionista. Canberra Burlesque producer, tutor and performer with The Sass and Tease Collective. She is a dedicated Dionysian often found wine in hand prepared to toast the god of theatre and wine.

Ivy's performances range from the sensual to the ridiculous with the occasional performative protest thrown in. A singer, dancer, alt model and producer Ivy is a creature of many talents not averse to burning the candle at both ends (and in the middle as well!)

Photograph by NickBPhotography

Canberra burlesque and performance artist Sparkles makes a hamburger at DIE FRINGE BURLESK


Discovering herself in the smoke hazed, absinthe drenched clubs of Montmartre, Paris; Belle lived la vie bohème and learnt many lessons about life, love, art and the beauty of expressing herself through song.  This Amazonian chanteuse lives life according to a very simple creed; life is too short not to have champagne in one hand and the love of a couple of men in the other.  Do not let her innocent looks deceive you, her sultry voice will capture your heart and leave you begging for more.

Seducing and serenading Canberra audiences for over five years. Belle is a skilled MC and cabaret artist; the original hostess for Canberra’s very first burlesque club night Le Chat Noir. A versatile and vivacious performer she will charm you with a wink, a smile, and a song for every occasion.


Photograph by Nathan J Lester

Canberra burlesque and performance artist Sparkles makes a hamburger at DIE FRINGE BURLESK

Sparkles has shocked, delighted and disgusted people since her first appearance as a feature act at Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! in 2011. Since then she has featured in Comic/Strip, the National Multicultural Fringe Festival, the National Folk Festival and a number of Sass and Tease events.


Photograph courtesy of D-Eye Photography

Canberra burlesque performer Abel Fox poses for Captain Spitfire

Abel Fox is a founding member of the Sass and Tease collective.  In 2013 she stormed onto the Canberra burlesque scene it hasn’t quite been the same since. 


Despite being an accomplished, versatile and in-demand performer she found her greatest passion in teaching and mentoring up-and-coming burlesque performers. She has mentored classes from beginners to solo artists since 2015 and loves nothing more that watching her protege's storm the stage and scene!


Best Burlesque AAIA 2017

1st Runner Up: Burlesque Idol 2014 - Canberra

1st Runner Up: 2014 Australian Burlesque Festival - Baby Bombshells

Audience Choice: Short + Sweet Cabaret - Canberra 2013


Photograph by Raymond MacNeill Photography